From the moment the RFP hits the desk and the venue is chosen, that's when the ideas start to happen. Renderscape exists to move your ideas forward and create a winning colaboration between you and your client. I'll research the venue and fabricate the ballroom, lobby, entranceway- even the exterior, all to provide the best visualization possible for sightlines,staging, and client satisfaction.

With years of experience in visualiation for corporate meeting and event staging, I've worked on projects for all facets of the industry.


At Renderscape, I use software that provides stunning imagery that approximates true lighting conditions and with my background in theatrical design and painting, your presentations have the artistic touch. I'll take a pdf or dwg. or even a sketch  and build a CAD model in AutoCad , Revit, or Vectorwerks and import it into one of many CAD applications that I am fluent in such as Cinema 4d. formZ, or 3D Studio Max . There, I'll refine the model, add lighting and create textures in photoshop that  I'll map onto the geometry such as theme graphics, projections, and accurate procedural maps. Once everything is buttoned up, I'll render in Maxwell ,Mental Ray,  V-Ray or native rendering engines to create a stunning visual presentation of your project.

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